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Black Tourmaline - Small


Small black tourmaline. Size between 5 cm to 7 cm.


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The beauty of tourmaline and its colors:

Tourmaline crystal has one of the most varied color ranges in the entire mineral kingdom, but the best known for its beauty and power is the black tourmaline. Currently the largest producers of tourmaline are Mozambique, Nigeria, China, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Namibia, Zambia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Myanmar.

As others have said, tourmaline is a gemstone that can be found in many colors. Check out the best known tourmaline and its beauty.

• Acroite - which is colorless and transparent tourmaline;

• Dravite - which is dark yellow and brown;

• Indicolite - blue tourmaline ranging from light blue to navy blue through turquoise;

• Rubella - pink or red tourmaline with high market value;

• Verdelite- which is green in color and known as Brazilian Emerald;

• Scrorl - which is the black tourmaline, the best known today;

• Watermelon Tourmaline - a rare and very valuable specimen for its polychromy, ie having two colors. The crystal has a pink center and a green outer edge, much like watermelon.

Black Tourmaline, powerful shield:

Considered to be a true shield of protection, the black tourmaline dispels all negative energies, repels envy and the evil eye, neutralizes black magic and energetic vampirism. The stone has the power to emanate positive energies into the environment and to absorb the low vibration of both people and the environment.

One of the peculiarities of black tourmaline is its ability to capture the energy of the planet's atmosphere, ionosphere, and emit ions to purify and improve air and water quality. In addition, the crystal also has blocking action against harmful electromagnetic waves emitted by electronics such as mobile phones, computers, microwaves, among others.

Black tourmaline acts as a filter capable of counteracting negative waves by creating a positive energy field, balancing and invigorating, helping to disperse stress and tension. Contrary to popular belief, the crystal does not absorb negative energies but repels them. Thus, it is important to carry the black tourmaline close to the body so that the protection is constant, as well as leaving a copy of the crystal near the entrance of the house.

Therapeutic properties of black tourmaline:

Black tourmaline has 13 chemical elements in its composition. check out

• Boron;

• Aluminum;

• Calcium;

• Iron;

• Lithium;

• Silicon;

• Fluorine;

• Dodium;

• Manganese;

• Magnesium;

• Oxygen;

• Hydrogen;

• Potassium.

Due to these unique and unique characteristics, when black tourmaline is placed in the water filter, it has the ability to split molecules, ionize and slightly alkalize water, reaching pH 7.4. Hence the importance of having the crystal in water. Here are some benefits that black tourmaline ionized water provides.

Black Tourmaline in Water:

• Combat colic and PMS;

• Eliminates localized pain such as bursitis, tendonitis, spinal disorders and sciatic nerve;

• Relieves headaches and migraines;

• Combating restlessness, stress, nervousness and insomnia;

• Activates blood circulation and strengthens hemoglobin;

• Fights free radicals responsible for premature aging;

• Combating hair loss;

• Strengthens and oxygenates cells;

• Stimulates facial muscles.

In vegetables, the ionized water with black tourmaline stimulates cells, fibers and chlorophyll, combats fungi and gases that accelerates deterioration, preserves the properties of vitamins and minerals, and increases their durability.

Black Tourmaline in Bath Water:

When black tourmaline is placed in the bath water, it invigorates tired cells, reactivates the bloodstream and also provides calming, relaxing effects.

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