Rolled Green Quartz 2-3 cm


Quartz Rolled Green 2-3 cm

Green Quartz is a powerful stone of health, vitality and energization of environments, it transmits the healing energy of the Green Ray to the cells and thus strengthens health as a whole, rejuvenates the body and increases our power of self-healing.



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Green Quartz energies protect against energy vampirism, transmute negative into positive energies, and help attract prosperity to its wearer. Green Quartz improves health as a whole, increases our energy, eliminates physical and mental fatigue, balances emotions and strengthens metabolism.

Its vibrations energize and purify environments, neutralize harmful effects of mobile phone radiation, attract prosperity and bill.

This stone strengthens the Heart Chakra, which helps in the growth of children, dispels negative thoughts and elevates our state of mind, and enables us to be ready to receive the positive energies of love.

Because it contains Silicon Dioxide, Green Quartz has a very rejuvenating action and able to prevent sagging, stretch marks and cellulite. This Crystal is able to help in the exercise of empathy, helping to give priority to love for others and to avoid decisions resulting from selfishness.

Green Quartz is considered a powerful crystal in meditation and can aid in deep relaxation.

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