Citrus Druze - Medium


Size: 15 cm - 20 cm

The stones and crystals are natural items and vary in their shape, size and tone, so the crystal you receive may differ from the one shown in the image. The price indicated is for 1 unit of item shown.


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Citrus is considered by the esoteric and mystical to be the crystal of abundance and material abundance, that is, of prosperity itself. Therefore, if you are in need of money and want to always enjoy abundance in all fields of life, consider using this crystal and achieve your goals more quickly by flowing into the subtle energies of this thriving vibrating stone.

Health Benefits of Citrus Stone:

Citrus has enormous energy properties that can detoxify the body with excellent results in the liver as it carries its properties directly from the sun's rays.

It also works by improving the functioning of the kidneys, removing infections and improving the entire digestive process.

It also has special action for vision problems.

Mystic characteristics:

Citrus has strong powers of stimulation of the heart, coronary and solar plexus chakras, being a true power plant for the body of the person who carries it.

It also functions as an energy shield capable of neutralizing negative (even old) energies and provides us with full intuition so that we can adequately defend ourselves against them.

The Citrus exudes joy and good feelings to all those around you.

General Properties:

Yellow citrus (its most desired version) has the general characteristics of beauty and the ability to generate and donate energy. Therefore, some esotericists claim that such a crystal is one of the most sought after, as it combines the extreme beauty of gold yellow with its spiritual potential, plus the basic feature of ensuring prosperity.

Meaning of your name:

The meaning of its name comes from Greek and simply means “lemon stone” because of its basic hue.


In general its coloration is golden, but may be mixed with shades of white.

Effects on the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of the person:

When we observe the action of the citrus stone in a person's mental field, we find that it counteracts the famous mental exhaustion, especially those caused by overwork and study.

In the emotional field, the crystal develops joy for life by eliminating fears, phobias and anxieties.

In the spiritual field this quartz is an excellent stone in relation to the auric protection not only of the person, but of the whole family in the same home suffering the stimuli of the stone.

Linked signs:

This beautiful stone is closely linked to the sign of libra, due to similar vibrational aspects, yet can still be used with excellent properties by people of the following signs:

• Leo,

• Virgo,

• Gemini.

Citrus Professions:

Each profession has its own governing stone, helping and encouraging the professional to work increasingly with quality, commitment, punctuality, zeal and passion for service.

In the case of citrus the professions that keep close relations with this stone are:

• any kind of seller,

• therapists,

• communicators,

• marketing and advertising professionals, etc.

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