Turquoise and Carnelian Bracelet


The turquoise and carnelian bracelet allows you to have good luck and protection through the turquoise and through carnelian, it favors success, health and our vital force.

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Turquoise and Carnelian Bracelet

Turquoise is a super stone of good luck and protection.

Considered since ancient times as a sacred stone, Turquoise was used by Knights and Kings as a powerful amulet of protection and good luck.

It dissipates negative energies, arouses love of life, favors positive thoughts and attracts joy.

Your spiritual vibrations strengthen the mind, increase creativity and awaken the gift of intuition.

Turquoise stone favors the realization of our dreams, attracts good luck in all areas of life, opens the way, attracts opportunities and promotes well-being in its bearer.

Turquoise disintegrates the negative energies around, strengthens intuition, facilitates meditation, reduces fears and favors all physical and spiritual healing processes.

Your energies help give the Spirit peace, reduce negative fears and thoughts, strengthen overall health, and protect our personal energy field.

By its highly elevated vibrations, the Turquoise stone blocks energetic and spiritual attacks, drives away malicious people and disintegrates negative energies.

Carnelian is a stone full of energies that favor success, health and our life force.

It encourages positive changes in our lives, promotes professional success, restores our vitality, gives courage and eliminates fears.

Its vibrations strengthen the circulation of energy in the body and Aura, sharpen the mind, stimulate metabolism, and protect us from envy and negative spiritual forces.

Carnelian is a stone of extremely strong positive and vitalizing energies.

It is an excellent stone for eliminating physical and mental fatigue, fostering success in all areas of life and protecting us from envy, evil eye and negative forces.

Its vibrations are so strong and positive that they are able to recharge the strength of other stones and even purify the energy of the most charged environments.

It is also great for fostering professional success because it gives off energies that arouse creativity, eliminate negative thoughts, sharpen the mind and strengthen self esteem.

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