Black Cyanite or Witch's Broom


4/7 cm crystal. Price is unitary.

Because they are crystals the color and shape may be slightly different.


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The black cyanite or witch's broom is one of the most efficient and powerful energy cleansing stones. They purify the Aura and eliminate negative energies from the environment.

It also helps us visualize Karma being created by the choices of the present, so as to assist us in our process of spiritual evolution.

A great stone against spells and dark magic blocks the spells and sends them back.

Witch's Broom Energies and Meaning:

The witch's broom is named for its shape, and for being known as a stone that does the job of "heavy cleaning".

It is a stone that is excellent in cleanliness, helps in both the physical body and the mental blocks that make learning difficult.

It is excellent for aligning the Chakras by removing blockages that prevent your energy from flowing freely through your body.

It is a great stone for deep meditations as it aids concentration so you can have a full immersion.

Therapeutic Effects of Witch Broom:

In the emotional body, the Witch's Broom helps remove emotional and energetic blockages that prevent us from following our lives fully and emanating happiness.

The Witch's Broom helps balance the "Ying-yang" energies. Helps to expel negative feelings and bring about emotions that were blocked by trauma or fears.

Strengthens the healing and protective energies sent by our spirit guides as it has a very strong healing energy and very deep spiritual cleansing.

Witch Broom Cleaning and Energizing:

To clear all your energy, wash it in running water with sea salt for about 3 to 5 minutes.

To recharge your strength, leave it in the sun for 2 hours. Leave it under the moonlight for about 4 hours to balance your spiritual strengths.

Whenever possible let your Witch's Broom be serene during a Full Moon, it will greatly enhance your spiritual and therapeutic energies.

How to Use Witch's Broom:

For energy protection, purifying the Aura, raising your spirituality and protecting your energy field, use a Witch Broom in your daily life.

To enhance the energy of the environment, attract spiritual energies and bring peace to the place, choose a good sized Witch Broom and leave it in your living room.

If you want to use its therapeutic effects, approach it to the place you want to treat for 30 minutes to 1 hour and visualize a blue-green light covering the area to be treated.

Typical Uses of Witch Broom:

• Energy and Emotional Cleaning

• Protection against Black Magic and spells

• ward off negative energies

• Eliminate Mental Blockages

• Increase energy body vibration

• Align the Chakras

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