Smoked Quartz Tip - Cut


Big smoked quartz.

Size between 12 and 15 cm high and 5 to 6 cm wide.


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Smoked or Smoked Quartz

Smoked Quartz or Smoked Quartz, besides having a very special tone is considered in the esoteric environment as a kind of force field to protect against everything bad that may happen or cross its path unexpectedly, both in the material and subtlest plane. , even avoiding the appearance of obsessive entities.

Such property gives smoky quartz a high rate of demand in specialty stores, after all, those who today do not want to feel protected against the many challenges and obstacles that persist in disrupting our daily lives and destroy our dreams.

In addition, it also protects against some of the most harmful energies that human beings produce, namely envy, greed, anger and so many other destructive negative thoughts.

Properties of Smoked Quartz:

In addition to serving as a force field against the negative energies that may come to you, smoked quartz also holds another very interesting property, namely that of discharging the properly absorbed negative energy, such as one for lightning, which receives the charge. and deposit it on the earth.

It also helps in the evolution of being, more precisely of the spirit, making the person put aside materialistic tendencies and seek contact with God and his creations. In this way, a person who was once very closed is gradually becoming more malleable and open, and more fond of having contact with flowers, animals, people as a whole, etc.

Finally, we can say that it is also amazing at certain times when we can do nothing but wait, giving us all the patience we need so that we can fulfill the entire time with resignation and without suffering. Ideal even for rehabilitation and physiotherapy treatments, where the patient needs to be calm to complete all steps and move towards healing itself.

Therapeutic Effects of Smoked Quartz:

Amazingly, this stone is excellent for eliminating radiation from people's physical bodies. Another very indicated therapeutic indication is for all pain in the abdomen. Lastly, it is also excellent for stopping the headache and any infertility related problems once and for all.

The signs associated with smoked quartz:

The zodiac signs associated with smoked quartz are:


• Capricorn,

• Virgin

• Sagittarius.

• However, it is worth mentioning that it is excellent for all other signs too!

The professions by the action of smoked quartz:

The professions that have the best relationship with Smoked Crystal are:



• presenters,

• radio broadcasters

• communicators in general.

The correct use of the stone:

In order for you to attract the best properties of smoked quartz stone to yourself you need to know how to use it, see how!

If you use it for abdominal pain, it is very simple: rest in a quiet place, put the stone in your abdomen, close your eyes and try to think of nothing for the next 15 minutes. Try to repeat this operation every day if possible until the pain is eliminated! However, understand that this is a complementary therapy, never replace it with the guidance provided by your doctor.

The body wears the smoked quartz with the decoration you want: earrings, bracelets, rings, etc.

Already in the environment, whether at work or at home, put it in a prominent place, where it can be viewed by everyone who enters the room, but without them being able to touch it.

Be sure to periodically sanitize your stone so that it continues to transmit the best vibrations without any interference.

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