Selenite Ball - Small


 Selenite Ball Small


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Properties and benefits of use:

Selenite is a very powerful crystal whose main characteristic is the power of transmutation and energetic cleansing.

Selenite has many interesting properties and acts as a true energy transmuting stone. It is classified as a crystal, being a variety of gypsum.

Its emergence was due to the evaporation of salt water from seas and lakes. Its color is transparent, while the gypsum is milky white.

Because it is so closely linked to the water element, some therapists claim that it should be used primarily to cure unpleasant emotions that a person has had throughout his or her life.

Selenite also helps to have an ease in connecting with higher astral worlds by getting the energy channeled correctly and connecting with the chakras that must be energized.

Besides being a great tool for energy transformation and cleaning, this crystal can also be used to clean and transmute other crystals.

Where to use selenite?

You can use this crystal in different ways, such as:

Chakra cleaning;

Energetic energizer of environments;

Protection against all negative energies;

Opening of the front chakra, facilitating the increase of mediumship and clairvoyance.


Types of benefits from the use of selenitis:

Some of the benefits of using Selenite as a cleanser and energy transmuter:

Increases the fertile energy of women;

Protective against carcinogenic energies;

Relieves all back pain;

Protects the entire skeletal system;

Contributes to increased libido;

Contributes to the rejuvenation of cells;

Protects against mental confusion caused by dense energies;

It has a calming effect;

Great crystal to open the mediumistic channels;

Some studies have proven effective in treating epilepsy.


How to clean and energize selenite?

Selenite is a self-cleaning crystal, meaning you do not need to do any Selenite cleaning procedures.

Other stones and crystals require some cleaning procedure, for example with water, this crystal is different.

Because it has the ability to remove all the negative energy it has absorbed on its own, this crystal is very suitable for healing degenerative diseases, bones and internal organs.

How to clean and energize other crystals with selenite?

You can even use this crystal to clean and energize other types of crystals and stones. To do this cleaning technique, you must also have a white quartz.

Put your selenite, then your white quartz crystal and lastly the crystals and stones you want to clean. Put them in this order one after the other.

Leave them in this position for at least 24 hours. After that time your stones and crystals will be clean and energized.

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