Amethyst Spirit Quartz


6/10 cm crystal. Price is unitary.

Because they are crystals the color and shape may be slightly different.


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Quartz Amethyst Spirit:

Each of the small crystals that make up the spirit quartz works in harmony with the "host" crystal. Small crystals radiate high vibrations in all directions, the central crystal focuses healing in many dimensions and reprograms cellular memory (past-life memories of deeply rooted ancestral attitudes, traumas, and patterns in the form of active negative programs such as the poor).

The quartz spirit is a stone of alignment and harmony, helping the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body to fully resonate with each other.

It encourages cooperation, group awareness and a willingness to set the self aside for the greater good. It is an excellent companion for those who tend to be self-centered, confrontational, selfish and antisocial. It can help those who are afraid of social situations to become more open and friendly and less shy.

When used in meditation, the spirit quartz can bring peace to the mind and release from fear. Quartz spirit releases the tensions of our conscious and unconscious fears, allowing us to truly live.

Facilitates travel outside the body.

Balances Yin and Yang energies.

Very effective for psychological, mental and emotional detoxification.

The quartz amethyst spirit opens the crown chakras to receive spiritual information and communication from the guides. Enables Multidimensional healing. It helps the soul to face death and offers great support and comfort to the terminally ill. Very effective in freeing the spirit, this stone encourages an imprisoned soul to advance toward the light, drawing guides on its journey. It allows you to make astral trips safely for the purpose of freeing your soul and making sure that you have not left any unresolved issues behind. Cleans and purifies the aura. It can dispel negative entities, repair “holes” in the etheric body, balance the astral body and make the chakras and meridians function to their optimum level.

The spirit quartz works harmoniously with all members of the quartz and beryl family. Moldavite has the ability to accelerate the effects of spirit quartz.

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