Selenite Desert Rose 4cm * 4cm box


3/4 cm crystal. Price is unitary.

Because they are crystals the color may be slightly different.


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Desert Rose:

The Desert Rose or desert flower is a beautiful stone and very difficult to find. Those who have it may find themselves lucky, not only for the difficulty of finding one, but also for the numerous benefits it can bring you.

When Selenite (plaster) is added to the sand, the result is these unique and beautiful flowers. You never find a Desert Rose like the other, it's a perfect stone to present to someone or even to store.

Meaning of the Desert Rose stone:

It is formed of Selenite and Sand, its appearance is that of a flower made of sand, so it is known as Desert Rose.

It is a very beautiful and unique stone. Your name lives up to its beauty. It belongs to the earth element as well as water.

Desert Rose and its effects:

The Desert Rose, besides being beautiful, has immense power that can help in many causes of your life.

Don't worry, the stone won't do you any harm. The first effect is to protect from all that comes to evil. If someone with bad intentions crosses your path, he will soon leave.

Negative spirits and evil forces cannot stay in your life either.

Mental confusion is a serious problem, but it can be dealt with by this stone. By making proper use of it, you can get a little more clarity in your thoughts and see the truth.

If you have problems with envy, can not stand to see someone having what you would like to have, use this stone and stop suffering because of it.

If you are a very shy person, this stone can help you lose your shyness and get loose. It can be a good charm for speakers, teachers or singers.

The stone helps cure serious illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

How to use the Desert Rose stone:

If you want to use the Desert Rose stone in your life for the best results, be aware that this is not that difficult.

The use of stones may vary depending on the type of stone or purpose you will use, but Desert Rose has few possibilities for use.

This stone is not very sturdy, so mishandling can compromise its appearance and spoil the whole concept of the stone. It can be used inside crystal or even glass cases to protect it.

A good way to use this stone is to leave it under your home furniture. If you want the well-being of the stone to be passed on to your entire family, leave it in a common place like the living room, for example.

However, if what you want is a more focused effect on you, leave it in your bedroom near the headboard.

Profession Stone:

This is the cornerstone of the profession of the uninhibited, those who are not afraid of personality. If you need any of these features, know that this stone can help you a lot.

Because it's a great way to achieve eloquence, certainty in voice, conviction. It is a stone indicated for:

• Sellers,

• Singers,

• Humorists,

• Speakers

• Presenters.

If you want to join one of these professions, there is no better stone to acquire than Desert Rose.

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