Turquoise Pendant


Ideal for use in necklace or as pendulum. Visit our necklaces section to add a necklace and personalize your pendants.

Because they are crystals the color may be slightly different.


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Turquoise is a super stone.

Considered since ancient times as a sacred stone, Turquoise was used by Knights and Kings as a powerful amulet of protection and good luck. It dissipates negative energies, arouses love of life, favors positive thoughts and attracts joy. Your spiritual vibrations strengthen the mind, increase creativity and awaken the gift of intuition.

Energies and Meaning of Turquoise Stone:

Turquoise favors the realization of our dreams, attracts good luck in all areas of our lives, opens the way, attracts opportunities and promotes well-being.

It disintegrates the negative energies around you, strengthens intuition, facilitates meditation, reduces fears and favors all physical and spiritual healing processes.

Your energies help give the Spirit peace, reduce negative fears and thoughts, strengthen overall health, and protect our personal energy field.

Due to its high vibrations, Turquoise blocks energetic and spiritual attacks, drives away malicious people and disintegrates negative energies.

Therapeutic Effects of Turquoise:

Turquoise is a powerful healing agent because it is able to balance thoughts and emotions, comfort the spirit and promote the well-being of the body.

It strengthens our energy meridians, regenerates tissues, diminishes the effects of pollution and protects against influenza and other viral infections.

Its energy reduces excess acidity, fights gout and rheumatism, promotes body detoxification and helps cure vision and stomach problems.

How to Use Turquoise:

For spiritual protection, attracting good luck, promoting health and strengthening your energy field, wear a Turquoise jewel in your daily life.

To purify and improve the energy of the environment, ward off evil people, and betray good luck, spread some Turquoise around your home.

If you want to use its therapeutic effects, approach it to the place you want to treat for 30 minutes to 1 hour and visualize bright blue light covering the place being treated.

Typical Uses of Turquoise:

• Attract good luck and open the way

• Block spiritual attacks

• Purify and raise ambient energies

• Strengthen our personal energy field

• Promote health and vitality as a whole

• Give peace of mind and promote well-being

• Increase our joy, optimism and desire to live

Increase and awaken our intuition

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